my prize


i waited six weeks.  i was #40 of i don’t know how many holds and now –

i finally have it.

eighty-two  card holders are waiting for me to finish this book.

eighty-two  people  behind me…all of them..waiting….waiting….waiting…with bated breath.

i could be kind and return it as soon as i am finished.

or not.

i could hold it for the full two weeks allowed me;

or not.

i could renew it for an additional two weeks keeping it for an entire month


i could be exceptionally cruel  and hold it. overdue.  indefinitely.

i could even try to determine who is next in line and offer it as a bribe for say…

a dozen chocolate cupcakes from merritt’s?

come weed my lawn and i’ll let you take a peek?

oh the power of obtaining a coveted library book!


One Comment to “my prize”

  1. That made me giggle!!!

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