a few more little treasures i found on netflix…

island at war: if you enjoyed reading the guernsey literary and potato peel society you will enjoy this mini series.  set on the fictitious island of st. gregory this tells the story of four families at the beginning of wwII.  although the island itself does not exist,  the series is drawn from events that actually happened on the channel islands during the german occupation.   i was particularly pleased to discover that it featured joanne frogatt.  downton fans will recognize anna (one of my favorites) ~ it was fun to see her in a different role. unfortunately only one season is offered and apparently that is all that was written.  while the series stands well on its own it does end rather abruptly and one wonders what would have happened in a second season.

housewife, 49: an absolutely beautiful piece brilliantly acted.  another period flick set in england at the time of wwII, the story is drawn from the diaries of nella last; a housewife who volunteered for the mass observation archive.  the archive was set up in 1937 in an effort to record the views of everyday, ordinary british people.  nella was as ordinary as they come.  her narrative forms the backbone of the story of a lonely woman, her family, and her marriage during the war.     it is poignantly sweet, tragic, funny, and devastating.  if you are an ordinary person who has struggled to find your voice,  at times felt inadequate, or even served on a committee under a chairperson who has allowed their power to go completely to their head – you will relate.

please note that both of the above are (in my opinion at least) for adult viewing only.  some scenes, and some of the subject matter would be a bit too strong for a little mind to digest.


8 Comments to “a few more little treasures i found on netflix…”

  1. oooh I love your recommendations. 🙂 The first episode of Blacks Books was hilarious. Land Girls looks terrific – I’m only one episode in. I LOVED Guernsey Literary, so I bet i will really like Island at War AND I like Joanne Frogatt – win win. THanks!

    • I think I read Guernsey at your suggestion and now I’d like to read it again. Having seen Island at War; it helped to better visualize some things. Glad you liked Black Books. The first season is the best. After that it is pretty random.

  2. Housewife, 49 was fabulous, and so different from the usual wartime drama. Nella strongly reminded me of a loved one, both in personality and in missed opportunities/cluelessness (like about her son), so it was bittersweet.

    • It was. It didn’t really look all that interesting to me at first so I was glad that I took the time to watch it. I’d love to read the book now.

  3. Oo, fun!

    Have you ever seen any of the Larkrise to Candleford series? It’s on the fluffier side of things but fun to watch. They are(were) on YouTube and I watched a season or two last year. I keep forgetting about it but your mention of Anna reminded me, since the guy who plays Bates is also in Larkrise. And of course, the usual array of other typical Brittish actors. 🙂

    • No Elizabeth, I haven’t seen it. I’ve heard of it though. Netflix also has a Catherine Cookson anthology that “Bates” (can’t remember his name) is in as well. I didn’t really care for it though. I’ll have to look for those.

  4. thanks, i usually enjoy the movies you like and saves me alot of homework time in researching. have a lovely time in dallas. hope you find a gourmet restaurant to try out

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