we like peas

due to our being “in transition mode” i only planted one 4′ row of bush peas this year.  i thought we’d at least get enough for one or two meals.  i still have some yet to harvest, but yesterday this was all we got:

just enough to garnish some penne pasta with shallots, pancetta, and alfredo sauce.

after i picked them, i set the bucket down on the porch to tend to something else in the garden.

i guess we aren’t the only ones who love fresh peas.


2 Comments to “we like peas”

  1. Those look so yummy…nothing like homegrown peas. I am big into buying farm fresh foods. I recently came across your blog from another blog “Life Without Baby”. I adore all your photos on here and I am so jealous of your new adventure of building your own home/farm. We live in the burbs in Connecticut and while we do have some farms still around this area, I have a secret desire to want to see what that would be like to live on. I have been telling my hubby recently that I want to own some chickens (we rent a house currently) so maybe once we own. Till then I will totally enjoy reading your new adventure…much happiness.

  2. thank you jen, it is so nice to “meet” you! i hang out at lwb every so often. after we settle in, chickens are one of the first things i want to get. i look forward to having our own eggs. 🙂

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