our “plan b” farmette part 2

before we start building?!  BEFORE WE START BUILDING!?


we’ve started!!!!

what am i supposed to do?  call off the workmen so i can think about it for a week?  simply ask them to remove the poles they just dug and take it to the other side?  away from the  water tap, and extending the drive by several hundred feet? (ca-ching).  we’ve thought this all through from every angle for months.  while it was nice of him to come over and tell me, i really couldn’t make a split second decision just like that.

i did what any woman in distress would do.

i called my husband and got him out of a meeting.

we talked it through:

it was our barn we were putting up next to the fence, not the house.  the barn would serve as a buffer.

from what we understood the new warehouses would be towards the back of their property, while we planned to build towards the front.

we could plan to put in a few more trees as well as the planned evergreen hedge that would eventually block the view of the warehouse(s).

we’d been informed that the shifts only ran until 2:30 pm and no one worked evenings or weekends.

we hadn’t started building the house yet so we could still reposition it if need be.

we decided to keep going, but we both felt completely deflated.  the picturesque vision we’d had in mind was somewhat marred.  in all the homework and research we did in preparing to move next door to a warehouse we’d asked all the questions but the right one: “do you ever plan to expand?”.  for a few hours we even considered calling the whole thing off, cutting our losses and starting all over.

then i had an epiphany.

the farmette is our plan b life.  this isn’t what my husband and i saw ourselves doing at this stage.  when we married nearly eight years ago, we had a vision, a dream, and a goal.  we saw a beautiful norman rockwell home, crazy busy with a tumbling lot of children, dogs running through the kitchen, and giggles at bedtime.  we talked about our vision. we planned for it. we even named the children.  however as time went on, we learned our vision was not to be.  it was instead interrupted by a loss we never anticipated.  we look out over the horizon of our lives, but the view we had hoped to see is marred by the scar of that loss.  as we both worked through our grief,  the “plan b farmette” became my lifeline out of that devastation.  alright, i’m still working my way out of it.  but  plan b has given me something to hold on to as we move forward in a different direction.  i believe that someday, we’ll be able to look back and see that  plan b was the best solution after all and the one that, had we known all the facts, we would have chosen from the very beginning.

is it not fitting then, that this plan b has a scar of its own? we had a vision, a picture in mind of what our farmette was supposed to be.  we worked towards it, and planned for it, only to have our vision interrupted by something we never anticipated.  the view we had hoped to see of a beautiful rolling field is now marred by a warehouse.  but, as we adjust, turning things this way and that, adding trees here and there, i think we’ll end up with something beautiful.  something, that, had we known all the facts, we’d have planned from the very beginning.  in the end plan b will be perfect, scars and all.

so after that bit of a hiccup last week, we’ve decided that we will keep going.  i do plan to try to contact someone at the business and chat with them, just to verify their plans so we can further adjust ours if need be.  and also let them know that *ahem* we are here, and maybe be nice? please?  i had also been very leery of getting a rooster and ducks simply out of consideration for our neighbors.  somehow i no longer think that will be a problem.

eta: i did manage to get in contact with the business owner (the man i met initially was a supervisor).  i dropped him an email,  not really expecting to hear anything back.  after all, it really isn’t his problem.  he did however give me a call, was very friendly, and acknowledged that we’d be neighbors and needed to work things out.  he agreed to meet with us on the property to show us exactly what he has in mind.  the addition he has planned will be towards the back, and we plan to build towards the front.  with the way we have our home situated, chances are we won’t even see it; especially once we get the trees and hedge planted.  while i wouldn’t exactly say we’ve averted the crisis, i’d say we’re managing it and both feeling much better about the situation as a whole.


7 Comments to “our “plan b” farmette part 2”

  1. I’m sure it will be lovely! I can’t wait to come see it. (hint.)

  2. What a ride! I like your epiphany; it is beautiful.

  3. It sounds so beautiful! It makes me think of my uncle’s house in Nebraska where they’d built the house and then the local highway expanded to be a 4 lane divided, limited access. They just put up a nice, big, thick evergreen hedge and you’d never know it was there from the house except for the car noise. But even that wasn’t really that bad, with the constant breeze singing through the evergreens. 🙂

    I’m sure your “plan b” will still be completely lovely.

  4. Beautiful way of seeing things.

  5. I am excited for you! And I agree, a nice, thick, double hedgerow can do wonders! When we were building our home, we were livign in a small trailer near the front of the property whiel building towards the rear of the property. Oh, my, the choking clouds of dust from the dirt road out front! Somehow I’d overlooked that happening when we placed our little trailer! it was horrid! We lined out two staggered rows of evergreens – some red cedar, which grow fast here (Arkansas) and some random evergreens picked up at Lowe’s when it was end of season and they were half-brown and $2 each. LOL Hey! We were building a house & on a budget! 🙂 Anyhow, we could tell an immediate difference, and it has only gotten better as the years have passed. Even though we now live in our house at the rear fo the property, we can also appreciate the reduction in noise from the road. Not much gets through that thick wall of green!

    • Lowe’s has some great sales! That is good to know. I still worry about it every so often but in the end I think it will be alright. We were out there last night and things are coming along. 🙂

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