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June 5, 2012

we’re progressing

last week the garage barn shell was completed.  we have yet to pour the cement floor, install electricity and the overhead doors.  we added two doors so that one can drive straight through and access the back of the property without  having to drive around the garage.

here’s a picture of the back:

i’m showing you  the back because it is prettier.  the building debris in front had not been cleaned up yet.  i love how the red and green color scheme turned out.

this morning i got up at (what is for me) the crack of dawn and headed out first thing to tuesday morning’s luxury linen sale.  i was there and back within an hour.  on the way there it dawned on me that this is probably the last of “last minute” trips that i will be able to make.   when a trip to town takes 40 min. shopping will have to be planned a little more carefully.  i know, 40 min. isn’t that monumental of a trip but when you are used to dashing out to a place just down the street, it will be an adjustment.

one of several i am sure.

like the cow that held up “traffic” (all of three cars) down the street from our new place.  we encountered him, and the poor owner? rancher? farmer? (what does one call a man with cows?) on horseback trying to wrangle him back into the pen.   all three cars stopped and all drivers and passengers (except for us, we don’t know what to do with cows) got out to help the owner? rancher? farmer? a  most interesting experience.

today, we’ve been informed by the builder that we should be officially breaking ground on the house and from here on out things should go pretty quickly.  one thing that has had me stressed out and concerned is the electricity.  we will be serviced by a co-op that services all the other rural towns in our area.  i don’t know if it is because we are so far off the beaten path,  if it is because it is a co-op,  if this is how things are done in the country, or if this is just how things go when one builds and i don’t know that because i’ve never built before ~ but this has been a pain in the neck.

*the builder wants electricity from the get-go

*the company won’t set poles, even temporary ones until they are sure we’re building a house.  proof of our intent to build needs to be the footing poured and the plumbing stubbed out.  the fact that i told them we’re building and have a contract to prove it doesn’t work.  i tried.  many times.

*builder isn’t too happy about this arrangement

*this might not be too much of a problem except that we are building a pole barn and it will be framed out before the foundation is laid.  the builder wants electricity for this step and doesn’t have a generator.

*i am “caught” between the builder and the electrical engineer sending messages “he says he wants….” containing terminology i know nothing about.

*i feel stressed.  it didn’t occur to me until my husband suggested it, that i google some of this stuff so i could better understand and communicate.

and then, i’m laying awake at night reviewing the floor plan that i designed and just hoping that all will go well.  is my idea for the kitchen going to work?  did i account for enough closet space?  will our dresser fit between the french door and the window?  did i remember to tell the builder that i wanted a french door?  is he going to get annoyed if i call and tell him i want a french door and room for my dresser?  what if the dresser still doesn’t fit?  how bad does it look to have a corner of the dresser in the window?  how much would a new dresser cost?

more on the house plans later…

in addition to building the home, we’ve also been building a website that will be all about our new place and all we want to do with it.  when we initially thought about moving we were thinking no more than three acres with a simple temporary home.  our plans have sort of morphed into something huge and taken on a life of their own.  we’ve ended up with ten acres (which is still very small according to some), and a home that could serve as a permanent dwelling (read: “fancy” by homesteading standards).  as we’ve talked we’ve seen how this could present the opportunity for some small business ideas which is something i’ve wanted for a while and now have the time to develop.  among other things i’d like to enter the farmer’s market arena and sometime soon get back into designing, creating, and selling soft housewares online (curtains and stuff with a certain flair ~ did ya’ll know i used to do that?).  in order to look spiffy, we need a website.

more on the website later.  well pretty soon actually…. i’m almost done tweaking.