a little bit more about myself…

i was born and raised in the belt-buckle of  the Bible belt, a product of home-education way back in the days before home-schooling was really considered a popular choice.  my lifelong dream (among other things) was to be a great wife, and a great mom.   before i married i worked as an interior decorator specializing in custom window coverings.  i owned and operated a small business  for several years before i moved down south to work among the lovely people of seis de mayo, a small impoverished community outside of san pedro sula honduras in central america.  for five years i lived and worked there and started a small sewing school that is still in operation under the direction of a former student.

i met my husband a little later on in life (for someone who has the goal of being a wife/mom) but we have been crazy happy together and he was well worth the wait.  i’d do it all over again and then some just to end up with him.  how we met was (in my opinion) a pretty interesting story and one i have long since wanted to write about, but that is probably best saved  for another post at another time.  we married six years ago and i moved from honduras back to my hometown where we purchased an older home in an older neighborhood and have settled in together quite happily.  expanding our family to include children has been something of a challenge and one that has not been without major heartbreak.  i prefer not to talk about any personal or specific views i have on infertility treatment, and i no longer share how we have decided to address that area of our life.  i do have a heart though for others in the same boat and for that reason i  journal from time to time about the struggles that infertility brings to couples who would love to have a child.

i am a master gardener and do several hours of volunteer work every month with our county extension.  my favorite time  is spent with the hands-on program we have for elementary school age children; teaching them the basics about insects and gardening.  i also garden quite extensively at home.  much of my back yard has been dedicated to a potager, and when it is finished (many, many growing seasons from now), much of the front yard will be cottage style perennial beds.  i do not care for large stretches of grass.  i like the look of wild dutch clover and encourage my husband to mow around it, much to the dismay of our neighbors, i am sure.

i love to be at home.   i love to put a pot of homemade soup on the stove, a loaf of homemade bread in the oven, fold the laundry, deadhead my roses,  and linger over a pot of strong tea while my husband works at the kitchen table.  i love to plan my spring garden in the dead of january.  it is not uncommon for me to spend new years day turning over the soil in anticipation of the peas and lettuce that will go in on valentine’s day.  there is nothing quite as satisfying as planting seeds, watching them grow, then harvesting the produce for supper.   i love to cook but i am not one to develop new recipes.  i like to go through my cookbooks, develop a great menu for the week, shop, and then execute said menu.

we live in a home that was built in 1937.  we actually started out our marriage  in a brand spanking new home in a relatively new community.  however we found that much of our time was being devoted to trying to make the new look old so we decided to sell and move into an antique home.  we have thoroughly enjoyed our little house with the wood floors and glass doorknobs.  she was in great shape but in need of some tender loving care and we have spent considerable time restoring gaudy updates to capture the feel of what she might have been like when she was new.

i blog about the everyday stuff like my garden, my house, and what i am fixing for dinner.    i blog for the purpose of connecting with my family and my close friends and anyone else out there who might be in my shoes: a wife, homemaker, gardener, mamma wannabe: working to make the best of what she’s been given and to bloom where she’s planted.


One Comment to “a little bit more about myself…”

  1. So good to hear how you are doing! Grateful you are working to make the best of what you’ve been given and to bloom where you are planted. Wonderful lessons for all of us to learn!

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