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March 23, 2012

my prize


i waited six weeks.  i was #40 of i don’t know how many holds and now –

i finally have it.

eighty-two  card holders are waiting for me to finish this book.

eighty-two  people  behind me…all of them..waiting….waiting….waiting…with bated breath.

i could be kind and return it as soon as i am finished.

or not.

i could hold it for the full two weeks allowed me;

or not.

i could renew it for an additional two weeks keeping it for an entire month


i could be exceptionally cruel  and hold it. overdue.  indefinitely.

i could even try to determine who is next in line and offer it as a bribe for say…

a dozen chocolate cupcakes from merritt’s?

come weed my lawn and i’ll let you take a peek?

oh the power of obtaining a coveted library book!

March 12, 2012

am i the only one…

who owns potholders that look like they have been through a war?

who purchases packages of chocolate chips that never quite make it into cookies?

who adds items to a list –  items already accomplished just for the sheer thrill of being able to cross them off?

who laments about her weight while shoveling that fourth cookie into her mouth?

whose library books are always overdue?

who, upon entering the house, makes a mad dash to turn off the beeping security system even though it is only 50 feet from the door, and you have a full 60 seconds to get to the key pad?

who spends the week lecturing one’s self on portion control only to purchase a package of cheese puffs without guilt simply because they are labeled “organic”?

who rinses a single dish and then feels a facebook break is well deserved?

…please tell me i am not.

September 22, 2011

furniture lust

once upon a time we bought a used sofa.

it was a small settee with a wing back frame covered in a peach and sage plaid that, had we been living with it twenty  years ago, would have been very relevant and very pretty.  we scrimped and saved and bought several yards of  a nice waverly print on a crimson background and i set to work making a slipcover.  when it was finished, i swore off making slipcovers forever, but it was very pretty; and when we moved into our new old house, it looked very charming in our new old living room.

i was so very proud of myself for being so content with used furniture.

then one day,  my husband read about stickley furniture in old home journal and told me to trot on over to their website for a look-see.

i discovered, amongst some fabulous arts and crafts style pieces,  a line of colonial williamsburg furniture.

i lusted.

i coveted.

i was never able to look at my used slipcovered sofa with the same affection ever again.

the end.



easy chair




August 10, 2011


vintage sesame street.  these bring back memories if sitting in the tv chair in my parent’s room eating dry cheerioes from a tupperware cup.   i’m definitely dating myself here…

fairy alphabet:

a very talented orange:

and my absolute favorite: the ladybug picnic.