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June 11, 2012

we’re moving…

…and in more ways than one.  i’ve moved my blog to a new site!

we’re still working through some technical issues.  if the link doesn’t take you to the site please let me know.  facebook and i are not communicating very well at the moment, my first attempt at posting the link was removed (it’s offensive and abusive?? really???  ollie wanted to sit on the chair and wear that hat) , and i can’t get the blog and facebook to communicate without some fancy app, the installation of which is way over my head.

anyhoo all that being said.  i hope you enjoy it, and will continue to follow along. 🙂

May 29, 2012


we’re moving from the cooler spring weather into the heat of summer.  i just harvested the last of our kale, chard, and beets and i’m still trying to coax along some lettuce seedlings under the shade of our back porch.  normally at this time, the beets from this bed would be replaced with the warmer weather crops like tomatoes or zucchini.  instead we’ve yanked out the chicken wire (serving as a barrier for curious doggies) and put in bedding plants (which i don’t much care for) in order to  make the yard pretty for a prospective buyer.

it’s the end of an era.

and while we’re on to bigger and better things, it still makes me feel a little sad.

May 16, 2012

meet emily

…a gift from my husband for my birthday last month.


if you happened to read my post last year about my smart phone then you know husbie and i are not techies.  this is hard for most people to believe especially since my husband works with computers for a living.

the truth of the matter is though that we are very old fashioned and for a long time i didn’t think i wanted anything to do with a kindle.  i like books.  there is something to be said about the ink, the paper, and the cover art.  i love used books, especially if they have been written in or have a date and a name on the inside cover.  they are just special. and in holding the book and turning the pages you form a relationship with it.   i’ve also been proud to display our books on the shelf in the living room.  the titles have a lot to say about who we are.  i have all my favorites by du maurier, and jane austen.  my husband has his poetry and theology.

then we decided to move.

and one of the first things i began to pack up were our bookshelves.

and i began to think.

how convenient to have all of these items loaded onto a single device that could fit in my purse.



then i realized that once we accomplish this move, i will be about 3o miles away from my favorite library.



i began to sneak a look at kindles.  i looked some more, and announced to my husband that i was looking at kindles.

then i did some comparison shopping, settled on a model, and announced to my husband that i *wanted* a kindle.

don’t get me wrong.  i still love books, and after a general sort through i plan to keep those most special to us, and will still proudly display them on our shelves in our new office.  but i am very happy with the convenience of this little gadget named for, (in case you were wondering) emily dickenson.

~as i said before, it fits nicely in my purse so i can read wherever i go without lugging a book (or books) around.

~when reading in bed, it is much easier to hold on to than a large volume.

~i can stand it up on the coffee table and read while folding the laundry.

~i love being able to hi-light without actually marking up a page.

~i love that i will be able to share those hi-lighted passages with  my husband when he gets his kindle too (he’s sold on them now and wants one himself)

~i love that at the touch of a button, i can own a new book almost instantaneously and begin reading within minutes – not to mention some of the other features i have yet to access such as downloading audio books and music to listen to in the background. (how lovely to read austen while listening to rachel portman)

~i also love the public domain freebees, and the sites like pixel of ink that deliver free titles to my inbox each day.  i’ve gone a little crazy with those as mentioned previously.

some favorites (free and otherwise) that i’ve picked up so far:

*the distant hours by kate morton.  ok. this… really wasn’t free. at all.  but i had started it and wanted to finish it. on my kindle.  what can i say.  i had a new toy and really wanted to play with it.

*because of winn-dixie.  yes. this is a children’s book, but i love dogs and this was a very sweet story.  not free but “used book store price” from kindle’s daily deal.

*weekend homesteader.  this is a monthly series and once a week or so they are offered for free.  each issue contains approximately 4-5 “homestead” projects.  the idea is to choose one and choose a weekend to complete it, hence avoiding burnout.  pretty cool little concept and just glancing through it seems that most projects would work for urban homesteading as well as rural.

*a single thread. a contemporary fiction story about a quilting circle.  i’m currently reading this one.  if it wasn’t free it was pretty close to it.  very light, easy, and enjoyable.

some other freebees i’ve downloaded and am looking forward to: willa cather’s o pioneers! jane’s fame: how jane austen conquered the world, and raising chickens in your backyard a no fluff guide to chicken breeds, coops, runs, tractors, and more. 

do you have a kindle or other similar device/app?  what are you currently reading?

May 8, 2012

a series of truly random thoughts and confessions

1. in the past ten days i have learned all i ever wanted to know about trailer hitches, trailers, and the like.  we now own one, purchased for the purpose of hauling a lawn tractor back and forth to our farmette-to-be that now has grass growing knee-high.  post about said lawn tractor complete with a photo forthcoming.

2. if the weather holds, we should break ground on our farmette by the end of this month.  for this reason i have started packing up the scary upstairs: the place that started out as a cool sitting room we never used so it now houses anything we don’t know what to do with but do not want to pitch.  anything from mason jars to a tapestry wall hanging.  in order not to overwhelm myself, i pack two boxes a day.  well, i am supposed to.  i started this project a month ago and i have a total of…..thrrreee…boxes packed.  post about said boxes complete with a photo forthcoming.

3. i am now the proud owner of a kindle named emily.  i have gone from watching drivel on netflix to reading, a much more wholesome past time.  i even gave christian amish romance fiction a try…..and promptly gave it up.  it reads about as well as it sounds.   i have discovered the blogs/websites/fb pages that offer free kindle books by the virtual boatload.  i anxiously await their posts on a daily basis and have been known to download something stupid, something i know i will never read, simply for the thrill of getting something for free and watching its title magically appear on emily’s home page.   post about said kindle named emily complete with a photo forthcoming.

4. last weekend my husband and i taught ourselves to play canasta.  i won every hand.  i won playing with my deck of pink playing cards.  it was a blast.  i…don’t really plan to publish a post about canasta with photos.  sorry.

5. yesterday i went shopping for a spare tire for our new trailer.  i ended up at a ranch supply store and discovered a series of 3′ high metal troughs containing…………baby chicks!!! and baby turkeys, and baby geese, and baby ducks, and baby something elses i don’t at the moment recall.  i guess i should flaunt my limited knowledge of poultry and say that these were pullets being offered for sale (did i get that right?) but i’m still confused as to what it means when the sign says that they are “sexed”.  still need to read the how-to book but we need to read it pretty durn quick because i want me some chickens.  post about said chickens complete with numerous photos when we get them.

6. speaking of living things: our pond has turtles.  i discovered one in the grass last week when i was mowing, and in order to avoid a terrible accident, i picked him up and moved him to the edge of the pond to see what he would do.  he happily dove right on in.  we need a log, or a rock of some sort so the turtles can sun themselves and all be named appropriately.  would publish a post about said turtle complete with photo if only i could find him again…

random illustration for random post:

May 1, 2012

happy may day!

April 23, 2012

with tuppence, for paper, and string…

…you can have your own set of wings

with your feet on the ground you’re a bird in flight…

with your fist holding tight…

to the string of your kite.

let’s go fly a kite

up to the highest height

let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring

up to the atmosphere, up where the air is clear,

oh let’s go fly a kite!

(can we go home already?)

April 19, 2012

random thoughts on turning 40 tomorrow

~two decades ago i turned twenty wearing a red laura ashley sailor dress and long hair.  today my hair is shorter, layered, and showing some silver strands.  my housewifey wardrobe consists of cropped yoga pants and hoodies.  i confess though that i miss those pretty, feminine laura ashley dresses of the ‘90s.

~two decades ago, my mortal fear was that i would never get married.  today i am scared silly of developing jowls and a turkey neck.

~i still feel very much like a kid.  when my husband asked me what i wanted to do to celebrate my big day, i said  i wanted to go fly a kite.   i don’t feel any different turning 40 than i did turning 16, also wearing a laura ashley dress.  the first one i ever owned.   i still have it.   it is in the bottom of my cedar chest, tucked underneath the red sailor dress.  i’ve never been able to give them up.

~my husband suggested i whip out the sailor dress and put it on for old time’s sake, but….i’ve grown since.

~speaking of apparel, i still love the same sneakers and ballet flats of the laura ashley decade.  i will celebrate the arrival of middle age( ish)wearing floweredy sneakers.

~in the same cedar chest, to the side of the laura ashley dresses, lie  a stuffed teddy and three unused rolls of beatrix potter nursery wall paper.  life doesn’t always pan out the way you expect.  i thought by this time in our lives my husband and i would  have a busy household with lots of little people underfoot.  we don’t.  instead, our home and weekends are very quiet.  although this change has been an adjustment for both of us, we’ve come to value the quiet. life together is very rich.  if one looks for it, every cloud has a silver lining.

April 9, 2012

the water tap part 3

the newest addition to our farmette:

…and it is the most beautiful ugly thing i have ever seen.

March 29, 2012

Dogwood blossom

March 15, 2012

the water tap (part two)

i soon learned that district #2 is located in maizie.  however, the street address reads “chouteau” .  when  i call for directions i’m informed that this is because the maizie post office burned down ten years ago and was never rebuilt; so the address was changed to chouteau.  it is there though, on broadway just past the lumber yard.

it turns out that broadway is a narrow drive about a hundred yard stretch (if that) off the highway.   this folks, is mainstreet:  maizie ok.

i find the tiny lumber yard as directed.  rural water district #2 is one of a dozen or so businesses and homes on this road.  the address of one sagging, black mailbox reads “north broadway” while the one right next to it reads “south broadway”.   the office  is simple enough with a cement floor and a community bulletin board in the front hall; surprisingly full for such a small town.  it is furnished with a few filing cabinets, a reception area consisting of two metal frame chairs, and two desks.  two  ladies sit behind the desks, one decorated with artwork from a grandchild.  they both are very nice, very helpful.   in the back, a man in blue workshirt, jeans and suspenders manages from his office.

i  am to fill out the paperwork and sign a form stating (among other things)   i understand that in the event of a drought, water will be rationed.  this means that my garden and livestock will only be watered after everyone else.  i’m sure  every water district has this contract, and i know this is an obvious concept.  i just thought it amusing.

i also had to sign a “no sewage” agreement for initial tap that is used during construction.

jo anne behind the desk  says to  gladys “do you have a copy of this for her?”

gladys:  “no, i have to type it up..”

gladys goes to her computer sporting a hay bale screen saver and types up the agreement.  she brings it to me with a smile “you have a ball-point pen? “ (pen has  two syllables)

while i’m wading through legalese with a country twang, a customer enters.

he’s wearing jeans, work boots, a t shirt, scruffy beard, wad of crisp $20 bills.  he looks like he stepped out of the most recent episode of king of the hill.   he’s here to pay a bill and he’s mad.

“this is too much. way, way too expensive (expensive is drawn out with a beautiful drawl). what you have here is a monopoly.  that’s what this is.  ain’t right.  just ain’t right”.   he goes on and on…

i’m trying not to stare, not to giggle, and just focus on agreeing to (in the event of a drought) not water my cattle before my neighbor has had a bath.

as soon as the disgruntled customer leaves, the  man with suspenders calls out to be informed of the mishap.  gladys hollers back “it was just a late bill” (bill has two syllables).

papers signed, i hand them over to be examined and notarized by gladys. she stamps with a flourish.   i make out the check to whom?

“rural water district #2 but you can just write r-w-d #2 cuz it’s much faster”

joann informs me that  there will be a board meeting on march 12 and then i can have my tap.  just mark where i would like it to go, then call them and they’ll come out and set the tap.

“mark it? how do I mark it?”

gladys: “give her a stick” (stick has two syllables) .

i’m grandly presented with a pine marking stick sprayed blue.

as i leave joann tells me “make sure you call and let us know when  you’re ready to go.  otherwise, well , we’ll just have to find something else to do in the meantime”.