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January 9, 2012

how to spend a delightful evening at home alone

i am a road warrior’s wife.

most monday mornings (like this one), i roll out of bed at the crack of dawn and drop my sweetheart off at the airport where he travels to one place and another servicing clients in need of his consultation.  we do get to spend the weekends together but he is gone at least two weeks out of the month, very often three, and this month: all four.

as a result, i spend many evenings at home alone.  being the classic introvert, this can be wonderful but there are times where it can also be lonely.  following are some ways i have learned to spend a very enjoyable evening at home by myself:

~ make dinner special.  order take-out, or purchase fancy ingredients and make something i have been wanting to try.  i also use nights alone to fix something i particularly like, but my husband doesn’t care for.

~ watch a tv series.  i love the bbc period flicks.  i’m currently working my way through “lillie” on the life of lillie langtry.  some others i’ve enjoyed: north and south, wives and daughters, the forsyte saga, and middlemarch.  it is also fun to have a jane austen marathon.

~ while watching tv, i serve the special dinner on a tv tray, or brew a lovely pot of tea and watch while working on needlework.

~ soak in the bubble bath, light a candle (or candles), and listen to my sarah brightman pandora station.

~ read a book for hours.  when i’m home alone, i choose an easy read, something very engaging where i can sit up in bed propped up with pillows, crank up the electric blanket, snuggle with the doggies, and just read.  if i can manage to keep curious doggies at bay, i’ll add a pot of tea to the mix.

~ sew.  sometimes after dropping my husband off at the airport i’ll head to the fabric store and choose a project that can be completed that week.  in the evenings, i’ll pull out my sewing machine and ironing board, queue up my current bbc series and sew the evening away.

how do you like to spend your time alone?