my new smart phone

this is my new smart phone!  we got it on saturday.   i have a wonderful app for my phone.  it helps me organize my day, tells me where i need to be and when, and helps me keep track of what needs to be done around the house.

“day runner” app:

and this is what we call the “grocery list” app.  with one single motion of the hand, i can add whatever i need to my list:

with this feature i can access facebook from my phone:

here is facebook:

here is the phone:


the only thing my wonderful smartphone lacks is voice mail.  however, i’m thinking that feature may ultimately go the way of our microwave, when we switched it out for this high-tech model here:

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3 Comments to “my new smart phone”

  1. You are too funny!!! I do think the red phone looks great in your kitchen!

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